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Regular Tune-Ups Save You Money!

tuneup Regular Tune Ups Save You Money!

Treat your car to a tune-up and get better gas mileage in return. Even today’s modern vehicles need a periodic tune-up and that can save big at the pump.

Regular tune-ups are an investment that really pays off. A well-maintained vehicle is not only more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly, but performs better and is safer and more reliable.

Palo Alto Shell suggests tune-up during which the fuel, emissions and ignition systems are checked, as well as the battery, charging and starting system, and the engine mechanical and powertrain control systems. Keeping a car properly tuned can improve gas mileage by an average of 4 percent.

In addition to performing a tune-up, keeping tires properly inflated improves gas mileage by 3 percent. A clean air filter can improve fuel efficiency by as much as 14 percent on older vehicles and also helps the environment, as do regular oil and oil filter changes. Air filters are usually inspected during an oil change, which should be performed regularly as recommended in the owner’s manual. Tire pressure should be checked monthly.

Many fluids and components replaced during vehicle service should be properly recycled or disposed of, including oil and oil filters, coolant, batteries, tires, and brake, transmission and power steering fluids.