7/24/2017 Gun Hansteen Fast and efficient.
7/21/2017 Maria Gonzalez Great service ...
7/20/2017 Anonymous Great price, fast and honest service
7/19/2017 Paula Aguilar Very fast and friendly!
7/16/2017 Sharon Seid We plan to continue relying on Palo Alto Shell for the maintenance and repair service of our old 1995 BMW 325IS. In spite of a chronic inconsistent problem with the " ck coolant message " on the display screen, the slow coolant leak has finally been resolved. Justin, the mechanic who had previously worked on the car, explained to me how to trouble shoot, at home, corrrctly measuring the loss of coolant, avoiding letting in too much air each time I removed the cap and tightening the cap. I can't say enough good things about Ravi. An excellent manager, Ravi, patiently listens to questions, and, subsequently follows through in detail checking off each resolved problem. As busy as they are, Ravi took in my BMW for an "emergency" repair and ensured I got the car back the next day. At the same appointment, I asked about a slightly loose rear bumper. Ravi said he would have it checked, and they secured it, gratis! That same body morninf, needing help with the Uber app, Ravi took his time teaching me how to use it to arrange a ride home. There are so many cars being serviced st the station, and it seems chaotic, but, Ravi has always been personal, patient and very helpful.
7/12/2017 Helia Safaee They took the time to answer my questions and talk through what the best option for my car and my budget are. My car is running great now. Thanks for the great service and advice!
7/7/2017 Jocelyn Rheem I always get the best service from Ravi and the team. They are thorough and make excellent recommendations about ongoing maintenance with my vehicle. Thank you!
7/6/2017 Caitlin Roake Super fast! Great!
6/19/2017 Tim Roper Excellent service, on time and exactly as quoted.
6/18/2017 Seinilupe Matangi-Walter Palo Alto Shell serviced the conventional oil change, 4 wheel computerized alignment, headlight bulb replacement with time as estimated, and Shell charges for labor are not based on actual mechanic's time but are established by times our retail labor rate by industry time allowances ( flat rate) or on Mechanic own judgement of the time to be charged. And no work will be done without approval of the vehicle' owner.
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